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  • LG G2 Launching Soon In Singapore

    LG G2 Launching Soon In Singapore

    SINGAPORE, 06 September 2013 — The way we use our mobile phones is set to change with LG Electronics Singapore (LG) latest smartphone, the LG G2. This flagship model pushes boundaries and sets a new standard in the smartphone industry. “In our pursuit of innovation and perfection, we have always observed, listened to and learned from consumers. LG has embarked on…

  • Quick Phone Repair

    Quick Phone Repair

    It was past 12.30am when I reached home from a quick TF2 session with the guys at Hackerspace. I wanted to prepare for a quick shower before heading straight to the bed. Then my dad woke up from his slumber (I made a bit too much noise, it seemed) and told me that my parcel…