Advertising on Twitter, the wrong way

Recently, I have seen some tweets coming from an account, like this:

Ad Plus Platform tweet
@mention tweet, promoting haircut services

Noticing the link, I went to Ad Plus Platform’s website and this is what they sell:

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 1.40.26 pm
Paperless Flyer Distribution?


Paperless Flyer Distribution? Online, it is called spam. If anyone wants to advertise on Twitter, just use the system that Twitter has. It is definitely cheaper and the reach is wider. Doing this will more often than not leave a negative impression of the business that is being advertised.

By the way, this tweet does qualify as spam according to Twitter:

  • Abusing the @ reply or @ mention function to post unwanted messages to users
  • Posting links with unrelated tweets

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