Your request to be included in Twitter Cards has been approved

Twitter Cards approval

As an experiment, I wanted to see how fast will Twitter respond to my request to be included in the Twitter Cards display. For those who do not know what Twitter Cards is all about, it is how Twitter customises display of information from external websites on its websites and in its mobile applications.

There are generally three types of Twitter Cards that Twitter has to offer, photo, summary and player. More can be read up on the Twitter developer page on Twitter Card.

Back to the request, it took exactly an week. I was redoing the backend workflow on how my posts here are pushed to Facebook then, during class. While I was at it, I decided to look at Twitter Cards as well.

Oh, by the way, both Facebook and Twitter’s meta tags were looked into not because I had the time. Rather, I was doing research for my FYP’s content scrapping portion. As a teaser, here is my FYP’s iPad application’s start-up image:

Klique startup image

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