ACES Day turning hip

I can not remember when I actually did ACES Day workout. Probably when I was in primary school. It is an attempt by the Government to encourage young children to have an active exercise regime. The some of the steps I could remember from then were given memorable names like “flush flush, sit on toilet bowl, and yeah!” Though it is lame (and yes, I did think of it that way at that time), it was a simple way to get everyone in school to remember the workout.

This year, apparently, ACES Day has turned hip for at least one school.

What I cannot fathom is the choice of the movement. The running man itself is a move that not everyone can pull off. Don’t let me go on to the fast pace of the music as well. Frankly, in my opinion, this does not really help in getting the weaker ones to enjoy exercising. Instead, it would kill the motivation of those who cannot catch up.

Those who can, they sure it enjoy it.

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