GE: Discretion is needed.

Now that it is cooling day officially, I got to say, please exercise your discretion on the Net. Yes, the netizens are highly biased against the incumbent party, but then again, not every post or photo is believable. For one, a screenshot purporting a PAP support group urging the receiver, who claims to receive it mistakenly, to influence voters in Aljunied GRC to vote for PAP. Now, I have to question the credibility of the screenshot.



Dear bro/sisTomorrow is cooling off day, so our plan is:
1. Call our friends and relatives who live in Aljunied GRC. Remind them to vote PAP.

2. Hang out in groups of 2-4 at coffeeshops in the Branch you are helping out today. Spread the message of WP’s selfish ambition and encourage others to vote PAP.

We are at the end leg of the race! Let’s press on! Thanks

If it is real, how credible is it? Our education system has taught us to question the reliability and credibility of the source. How the receiver knows it is PAP support group? What is the original handphone number? If the receiver has no qualms, she should reveal the number so that it can be verified on the other party’s end. Is there independent release of similar evidence from a non-related citizen? What are the other messages she have received so far? She has shown one, why not the others as well?

Also, do note that the supporters of the opposition parties are likely to do the same. Only difference is that the call to do it is done rather openly on the Net.

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