Let’s name our new stations!


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The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is inviting the public to suggest names for 13 Downtown Line 3 stations.

Source: Help name Downtown Line stations (CNA)

Now, why do we need to have naming exercises on this matter? “It should also illustrate where possible, the history and heritage of the station surroundings.” Can’t LTA engage National Heritage Board to looks through their records and suggest a few names for LTA to decide?

Or why can’t they just keep the working names for the stations? Point to note on this: Jalan Besar station is not at Jalan Besar, but near the Concorde and Sungei Road station is not at Sungei Road, but at the end of Jalan Besar. Why not just name them according to the near by landmark?

Even Tampines East, and Tampines West sound is a good move. Why bother giving a name which most people would not be able to remember?

Or do we need another embarrassment like spending $400,000 to name Marina Bay… Marina Bay?

For those who are interested, read the press release by LTA. It is more helpful.

Image source: SGForums
Note on image: This is an image of the Downtown Line’s rolling stock, Bombardier MOVIA C591. For the interested, you may read the specifications here.

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