Happy National Day, Singapore!


Unlike others, I do not bother to change my header picture when comes to different holidays. Admittedly, it is partly due to laziness in creating them. That aside, like all other celebratory holidays, I feel that National Day is overhyped.

We do not need a day to celebrate our independence. Neither do we need an event to hype the mood up. All this should have been ingrained in all of us, citizens from young. Unfortunately, as we grow older, the patriotic spirit within us diminishes.

Ask any primary school student about National Day, he would probably recite everything from the National Anthem to the Shared Values to the Five Defences.

Ask any secondary school student about National Day, he would probably be thankful about the “free” holiday to play games.

Ask any adults about National Day, they would probably grumble about their money flying away.

Due to time constraints, I seldom watch the news. On Friday, I managed to catch a news snippet on Channel 8. It was about Singapore Petroleum Company (SPC) being the official chain of petrol kiosk to give out Singapore flags to drivers. These flags are to be placed on the outside of the windows. What was interesting was 3 out of the five being interviewed about this activity was this line, “The flags are free? OK, then I will put it up.” Go figure.

I know I should be putting up Corrinne May’s national song here. However recently, the songs for NDP are more than often not, misses. Oh well….

Image credit: SISS e-mailer. Just got back from camps, not time and mood to source for pictures actually. It just happened that the e-mailer just came in as I typed this post. This post has no relations with SISS of whatsoever. All commentary here is solely mine and mine alone.

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