Twitter Updates for 2009-10-26

  • @marielwong wah… GTA flood! Lols… in reply to marielwong #
  • RT @iammyy: If you're a good dog owner, perhaps you can give cute Summer a nice home ? #
  • How funny it is to have the songs in my running playlist mostly in Korean and my casual ones mostly in English. #
  • @NiccoleChan Exams? in reply to NiccoleChan #
  • either the classroom air con is too cold or i am burning up… Brr… #fb #
  • RIP Geocities. You were my training ground for web design. Thanks! #
  • someone has to tell the office lady not to read documents are are marked CONFIDENTIAL on the train. Lol. #
  • RT @jonwithlove: i dont get it .. ris low popularizes 2 words and we immediately load them to our already pathetic arsenal of vocabulary? #
  • there are times when i don't mind a speeding bus. It is now. I got another last bus to catch! Hurtle! #
  • irony: listening to soothing classical music on the nano while trying to hurry as much as i can. #

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