Plurk: Let me be reincarnated!

moby74 has recently reached 100.00 for his karma level and asked “What’s next?”. There are suggestions from me and others to let the karma level drop back to zero and start all over again. However, this means that a Plurker will have to abandon his Plurk for some time and whatever build up he has there may be reduced. There are people who actively trim their friend lists in Plurk to reduce clutter in their timeline or for other reasons.

A brainwave struck me as I was about to play Shattered Galaxy. In the game, there is a reincarnation mode for players who have reached their peak. Their settings will be reset but will be awarded in some ways. Borrowing this idea, Plurk can offer its users to reset their karma level once they reach either Plurk Nirvana or 100.00. When reset, there will be badges to indicate that the users have once reached Nirvana or 100.00. Multiple badges or a badge of the different colours will be awarded to users who wants to reset multiple times.

What do you guys think of this? This suggestion has been posted to Get Satisfaction too.

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