Online Game: Shattered Galaxy

When I was in Secondary 2 and was playing Counter-Strike, this game came out of nowhere in the cybercafe I was in. At that time, it was just an open beta game. It was rather addictive, despite all the bugs and frequent server updates which addressed the never-ending bugs. Soon, it became a pay-to-play game and interest wanes. As a kid with limited pocket money, I had to drop the game.

Just recently, I decided to play the game again. To my surprise, the game now offers free-to-play mode and I decided to sign up. The units are more balanced now, but gaining experience points is surprisingly easy. I just keep sending my units to its death just to level up. Better yet, kill a few units before dying. Of course plain dying is not an option. As each player starts off with only 6 units, cooperation with other players are needed to construct a good tactical battle. Yet, it is amusing to see players bringing in diverse set units without any discussions. More amusing is that, the tactics used overall change with just a line or two from the players. Such chaos still brings harmony in each battle plan.

Just hours into the game, I decided to pay for an elite account that last for an month. It gets too addictive already.

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