News: God is angry

God was angry yesterday. News reported that the original Merlion was struck by lightning and suffers slight damage. In the ancient times, this action would construe as the present government had no longer the mandate of heaven and thus removable. However, this is modern time. Such lightning strike is just part of statistics. And the present government receives its mandate from the people, not the heaven. So why should we be scared?

Merlion statue at Singapore River struck by lightning; suffers slight damage
By Claire Huang, 938LIVE | Posted: 28 February 2009 2219 hrs

SINGAPORE: In a rare incident, Singapore’s longstanding icon, the original Merlion statue, at the mouth of the Singapore River has been struck by lightning. 

One witness told MediaCorp Radio’s 938LIVE that orange sparks flew when lightning struck between 4pm and 5pm at Merlion Park. 

Staff in the vicinity said they heard an explosion followed by a loud thud when broken pieces fell to the ground. 

About 30 people dashed into a nearby restaurant for safety. 

Other onlookers continued to take photos of the 36-year-old tourism icon. – 938LIVE/vm 

via Channel News Asia

Not only that, someone managed to upload a video of the news report. It is viewable here:

Merlion hit by lightning

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