Windows 7 Beta

I have tried Windows 7 Beta for barely 2 weeks, before my brother decided to plug it. He thought that the video card error is caused by the OS. Whatever, I am waiting for him to re-install the Beta and set the computer on dual boot. I don’t know where he put the installation file. Rarely, I will give praise to any products from Microsoft, saving for Windows Live Writer and Windows 7 Beta.

Anyway, prior using Windows 7 Beta, I have been using Windows XP on a daily basis and Windows Vista on a bi-weekly basis. And I can truly say the Windows 7 Beta is practically flawless for a casual user like me. It is not as buggy as Windows XP and Windows Vista when both first started out. Unlike Vista, Windows 7 runs efficiently on this beat-up Pentium 4 3.0GHz, 3.1 GHz, and with only 1.5 GB of RAM.

My initial fears about installing the programs that I usually use on XP into the Beta were unfounded. Despite being tagged as supported up to Vista, the programs (Chrome, Windows Live Writer, Messenger) worked well except for iTunes on certain occasions. the iTunes didn’t work well due to Windows 7 Beta attempts to index the library file which is in xml format and continuously being updated. This took up most of the resources I have on my computer. Even the Readyboost functionality wasn’t of anyway. I decided to turn the indexing off to save the trouble.

I just told my mother when we are getting any new computer(s) in the future, we are to insist on the Windows 7 instead of Windows Vista. Despite of Vista being less buggy over time (like Windows XP), Windows 7 will require less specifications on the computer and thus more efficient or even cheaper to use! I am awaiting for Windows 7 to come.

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