A blast from the past: Class 4/2

I was viewing the photos in MHSS Facebook Group when this photo popped out. It was from the time when I was in my final year in MHSS. This was my entire class, sans Adnan, who was the photographer, and Yue Wei, who simply was not around. I could not remember when we took this, but it was a pleasant surprise to see this again. When I saw each face, 3-4 years younger us, I saw poignant stories, some serious, but mostly joyous and memorable ones.

I seldom keep in touch with the rest of this class, but I still receive updates of some of them through, not surprisingly, Facebook. I get just a gist of what they are up to, I don’t know how well they are faring in life. However, some of these are not active on Facebook. There are those who I did not add on Facebook or even Friendster. These people, I am simply cut off from them.

I simply wonder, where they are now; how are they faring. And I wonder, when can we all meet…

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