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  • Extracts from Obama’s inaugural speech

    Obama is rather inspiring in his speech. He peppered his speech with words and phrases that highlighted the history, the people, the tribulations that the country is and has been through. He played tribute to the founding citizens of the country: … greatness is never a given.  It must be earned.  Our journey has never […]

  • Museum of Broken Relationships

    I saw the Facebook events page and realised that the Museum of Broken Relationships was ending on 18th. I had free time only on the 17th. I then left a Plurk, saying, off he goes to visit the Museum of Broken Relationships… The Museum was tucked away in a not-so-small corner of the Esplanade.  It […]

  • A blast from the past: Class 4/2

    I was viewing the photos in MHSS Facebook Group when this photo popped out. It was from the time when I was in my final year in MHSS. This was my entire class, sans Adnan, who was the photographer, and Yue Wei, who simply was not around. I could not remember when we took this, […]