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Month: October 2012

30 Minutes Photoshop: Ninja Coder

30 Minutes Photoshop: Ninja Coder

Ninja Coder

Came up with this when some unknown friend(s) were trigger-happy jacking another friend (M) ‘s Facebook account. In a status, we marvelled M’s mad skill of coding while walking. One commented about having a coding competition in an obstacle course. In my mind, I referenced it to Ninja Warriors. And thus this image was born in 30 minutes.

Note: Both ninja head and laptop are found online. The rest? Gradient, typography and brushes.

This is a repost from my Quora board: Photoshop in 30 minutes. Join me on Quora!

Steven Lim is not dead… yet.

Steven Lim is not dead… yet.

My friend just posted up a status proclaiming that Steven Lim is dead.

Status update on Steven Lim’s death


I guess many would rejoice by the news, me included.

No more bad videos. No more feeling ashamed by the fact that he holds a Singapore passport.

But wait… How true is that?

A search on Google Singapore with “Steven Lim dead” pops out a Facebook page as the second top results.

Google search on “Steven Lim dead”

Clicking on the link and surfing this page leads to this image of a mypaper news report. from the Facebook page

However, a simple check against the 30-day archive on site shows that the image is doctored.

Screen grab from

Now, Steven Lim has been ridiculed over and over again, with good reasons. However, to use death as a tool in cyber-bullying is a step too much. Let’s keep to the clean old fun. If you dislike Steven Lim that much, just don’t join the conversation.

Then again, it could be a case of self-promotion by Steven Lim. If so, it would backfire on him.

In any case, let’s wait for another video from him. Le sigh…

Deadly Ever After at Sentosa 4D Magix

Deadly Ever After at Sentosa 4D Magix

This post should be out earlier on last Friday, but apparently the scares was more than it made out to be, I fell ill over the weekend.

Anyway, I was invited by Brenda of ICON to attend the media preview of “Deadly Ever After” at Sentosa 4D Magix, in collaboration with Singapore Cable Car.

I started off the experience at Habourfront Tower 2, where I grouped up with other bloggers like Nicholas, Qin, Jacelyn and Thiang. We boarded the cable car from the Tower and exited at Sentosa.

Along the way, we were entertained by several ghosts and had a complimentary photo taken with a Chinese girl.

“Deadly Ever After” is a trail which combines old Chinese superstitions with the wrath of a Chinese ghost to present the spookiest elements of Asian Horror. It depicts the journey of a ghost marriage and tells a frightening tale of two souls shackled by fate and vengeance.

The trail is 288m long and it ends off at the Singapore Cable Car Museum. Along the way, you will discover the horrors of match made in hell where an innocent young lady was forced into a Chinese ghost marriage with a dead man. You will walk through the haunted funeral home, ghostly marriage ceremony, creepy surgery theatre among other rooms. No photos were taken here, except for the surgery theatre.

Quite life-like isn’t it?

The event was in the making since March this year and it is a $65,000 production, a brain child of 10 students from Singapore Polytechnic’s School of Architecture and the Built Environment.

At the end of the trail, we took our cable car ride back to the mainland, where along the way we found out how enjoyable it was with Nicholas around when we were high above the ground.

If you are up for it, this event runs from Oct 19 – 20 (hence the apologies earlier) and Oct 26 – 28 from 7PM to 11PM.

There are two ticket categories:

Premium Package

  • 1-way Singapore Cable Car Ride
  • Admission to Haunted Trail

Price: $28 per person


  • Admission to Haunted Trail

Price: $17

Tickets are purchasable online at Sentosa 4D Magix Halloween site.

Personally, I would recommend the Premium Package. At least you can enjoy yourself first before you scare yourself.

P.S. I was already nursing a bad throat on Tuesday before the event. This outing just made it worse. 🙁

Press release can be found here: Singapore Cable Cars and Sentosa 4D Magix Presents Deadly Ever After Hal….pdf