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Month: March 2012

Poly Students To Become Like JC Students: Uniforms for students

Poly Students To Become Like JC Students: Uniforms for students

We always hear why polytechnic students are not like JC students when comes to busfares. Now a polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic is taking steps to move towards being one.

Step 1: Enforcing school uniforms on all students

Apparently, there is a webpage on that details an upcoming implementation.

Now let’s better hope that this is an upcoming April Fool’s Day joke. 😛


April 1: Video on the uniform is up on Youtube.

If it is an April Fool’s Joke, it is quite elaborate.

P.S. Skip to 3:00 if you want to cut the crap. 😀

Facebook Messenger for Windows

Facebook Messenger for Windows

Facebook had released a separate mobile app for Facebook Chat a few months ago. Now, it has a Facebook Messenger for Windows.

What this means?

  1. Death of Windows Live Messenger. I have less than 10 friends on it now.
  2. I can uninstall RockMelt. Don’t get me wrong. I love RockMelt. However, the main draw to RockMelt for me is its integrated chat function. Now that there is a native desktop application, I can junk the browser and switch back to Chrome.
Screenshot of Facebook Messenger in the works

Initial usage however has let me think that it is more than a simple desktop messenger application. Not only it is a messenger, it serves as a desktop notification application as well. Whenever there is a new notification, it would pop up on the desktop.

In any case, you can download it from the official Facebook Messenger page.

The Unsung Heroes – The Invisible Workforce Behind This City

The Unsung Heroes – The Invisible Workforce Behind This City

Have you ever wondered how little the migrant workers, who are working in construction sector, here in Singapore are paid?

I doubt you do. $18 a day, inclusive of overtime. There is virtually no rest as the workers seek out a better future, not for themselves, but for their families back in their home country.

A group of Year 1 students did this short clip for their Leadership and Team Building module about them. Please do take 8 minutes of your life and watch them interview various workers, some of whom are injured in the course of their work and are about or are already driven up the wall.

Listening to Music Online

Listening to Music Online

Ever since I last reformatted my hard disk a couple of weeks back, I have yet to restore my old library of songs for a good reason, the library is getting stale. I have decided to start my library fro scratch. In the meantime, I am streaming my music fix from the Internet, chiefly from It is great that I am on high speed network no matter where I  go now, cuz the stream is sure bandwidth intensive. 8tracks allows people to “mix” their own digital radio channels with at least 8 tracks to become a live mix. I wonder how long before 8tracks decides to charge users to cover licensing fees.

In any case, I am listening to the following mix at the moment. Unsurprisingly, there are Asian tracks as well since anyone can upload almost any, if not all, songs there.