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Month: October 2010

As heard on YES933

As heard on YES933







这告诉我们,all good things come to an end。


[Alert!] Fake Nikon Giveaway on Facebook

[Alert!] Fake Nikon Giveaway on Facebook

The following is just a rehash of what I have posted on my Facebook wall. It simply highlights the danger of liking random pages.

Consider this a public service announcement. There is a “Nikon camera giveaway” (note the quotation marks) on Facebook ( It is a scam. Do not like not it. If you have, block the application and check if you have this page ( in your “like” list. Also remember to block the application as it has access to all your data (

Now. I have no qualms liking the person’s Facebook fanpage. However, the way the developer does is unethical, and cannot be condone. So I urge you block and report both the fanpage and the application and spread the news. I have done so.

It doesn’t work.

It doesn’t work.

I live by my laptop and it needs to be constantly charged.

So when I plugged in the adaptor, the friendly neighbour told me, “It doesn’t work.”

“Huh?” I stared at her.

“It doesn’t work.” She gestured at the sockets set in the middle of the table with her eyes.

Lady, there is nothing that does not work like that, I thought to myself.

I looked under the table and saw that the wires were disconnected at the main power socket and the detachable surge protector.

Itchy fingers.

Well, it works.