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Month: March 2009

Baking cookies

Baking cookies

Ah! Ghost! OK, just kidding. This is me looking at the oven, waiting for the cookies to be baked nicely. Taken with shaky hands of Hui Shan. The poisoned cookies were offered to some participants of the Social Media Breakfast 6.

We met at Ang Mo Kio Hub at about 1PM. It was an hour off from our scheduled timing and I decided to eat ban mian while waiting for her to fetch me to her home. She introduced me to her 2 girlfriends who one commented to Hui Shan before,

so young boy wants to bake with a bunch of ageing aunties.

We went to NTUC to get the instant mix and the other necessary ingredients and tools before heading her place. First thing I felt about her house was, no, I am not going to get such a small house. Sorry, but I prefer staying in a spacious environment. Anyway, we baked chocolate and walnut flavoured cookies.

Half way through the session, everyone was distracted by the 小叮当 DVD that Hui Shan played. (I was long distracted by her laptop.) OK, I am starting to digress. The process of the session is as followed:

1. Stirring the egg

2. Cutting the butter

3. Melting the butter. Hui Shan did look happy at melting butter.

3. Pour the instant mix flour.

4. Mix it well.

5. Lay the paper onto the tray. Stop playing la~~


6. Wait for the cookie to be baked. While waiting, cam whore away and surf the Net.



7. Once done, eat pack away for storage.


The tray

The tray is very interesting. Just look at the picture. Hui Shan’s mother forgotten to pack the metal tray along with the oven. I had to use aluminium foil to create a makeshift tray for the cookies to bake on.

Rant: Time, I lack of it.

Rant: Time, I lack of it.

I am seriously lack of time. My priorities were and still are never right. I take time out to blog, Facebook, read manga, and watch youtube while I still have stacks of work that need to be done. I head out with my social circle while I am supposed to be at home or in the library finishing that stack of work. Oh well.

I just had a chat with my officer and realised that there may not be only my parents, family or friends expecting me to do well for my studies. With the support, albeit limited, given by my unit, I should be more hardworking and show the results.

Buck up, little boy! Urgh.

Life: Distractions

Life: Distractions

I was sitting down at Suntec Convention Centre Starbucks mapping out his goals for the years. It was supposedly New Year’s resolutions. But I don’t believe in such thing, cuz resolutions are easier to break than goals and targets… In life, there are always distractions, so I listed them down:


MP3? GAMES (I am referring to computer and online games)? INTERNET? VIDEOS (Note: Youtube)? Previously, my distractions would be manga and anime (still do, but they take up less than 1 hour each week), friends (who distracts me from studying), choir (for taking up much of my time) and many others.

So how did computer related stuff got onto the list this time?

MP3 – I realised if I spend my time worrying what songs to put into my MP3 player or handphone, lots of time will be wasted looking through my library and the Internet, if there is a need. And every time I max out the capacity on my player, I spend time worrying if I should get another player with bigger space.

Games – I play a lot. Mafia Wars alone can take me close to an hour each day. Shattered Galaxy another 3 hours. Enough said.

Internet – Using Internet to do research and stuff are OK. At least I am doing work, right? But I am using the Internet mostly to Plurk, view articles provided by fellow Plurkers, Facebook, blog. Where got work?

Videos – Ah.. Yes, videos. I am a frequent user of Youtube. And I am listening to a piano cover of Coldplay’s Clocks streamed on the said site while I am typing this sentence out. Every time I enter Youtube via my desktop, I search for classical, instrumental, or contemporary pieces. In camp, I view 射雕英雄传 (2008 version) to pass time.

Distracted enough? I think so.

Classical onslaught!: Blue Danube Waltz. 5 parts piano

Classical onslaught!: Blue Danube Waltz. 5 parts piano

5 piano version – Blue Danube Waltz

Who say classical music cannot be fun? As demonstrated in this video, the arranger took apart this piece and turned it into a song for 50 fingers. More information on having such teams, click here. The following video is the orchestra version of the same song. Got cute ballet dancers too!

Orchestra version – Blue Danube Waltz
Youtube: Fracanapa by Astor Piazzolla, performed by Caeli Smith (violin) and Tim Ribchester (piano)

Youtube: Fracanapa by Astor Piazzolla, performed by Caeli Smith (violin) and Tim Ribchester (piano)

What a long title! It is taken off from the video with the same title. She performed Fracanapa, composed by Ástor Piazzolla. This piece is re-arranged by the pianist, Tim Ribchester, specially for volin and piano duet. The additional sound effects are part of the performance. Watch.

Her site is located here. No, it is not a blog.

Movie: Subaru

Movie: Subaru

This is a worthy movie that should be played in local cinemas. It is slated to be released on 20th March 2009, which is yesterday. However, it is only in Japan and thus far, Hong Kong and maybe in selected countries. Singapore has no release date for this movie. I am waiting for the DVD release, or a torrent of the DVDRip. Watch the trailer.


Thanks to Linny for highlighting this movie in a plurk. It is similar to Step Up. However, it is based on the manga with the same title. Linny had this checked out too! FireAngel had the MV for the soundtrack sourced out.

DBSK – Bolero


Youtube: Compare these 2 videos

Youtube: Compare these 2 videos

Salut d’Amor


杨丞琳 – 庆祝

What is the similarity between them? For those with keen ears, it is the tune. In 杨丞琳’s 庆祝, the tune of Salut d’Amour is being used. I did not realise the fact until I chanced upon the video of this violinist playing the song. I had a time in finding the modern pop song. I requested for help in Plurk. Linny at first thought it was Cyndi Wang’s song. However, Jasmine, who surrounds herself with music everyday in her work, identified the song correctly.

Now there are more pop songs that draw on classical music or are reworks of the classical songs. Who can ever forget about the rock version of Canon in D?

Jeery C – Canon in D (Rock version)