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  • Redefining Fairy Tales

    Redefining Fairy Tales

    Guardian just run a TV spot in UK, featuring the story of The Three Little Pigs. And yes, I got to say that it is creative of them to use that tale in a modern setting. Watch it!  

  • On the receiving end of DMCA notice

    On the receiving end of DMCA notice

    Frankly, I would not care much as sometimes the materials I upload is indeed copyright infringement. But hey, that is to share! Anyway, those are in the minority. However, I have received one DMCA notice on Facebook: Hello, We have removed or disabled access to the following content that you have posted on Facebook because…

  • Study Hard, Yo!

    Study Hard, Yo!

    Parodies! I love them. Especially when we can relate to it. Someone took Party Rock Anthem and change the lyrics and renamed and song to Study Hard Anthem. Woot! Listen to the song below!