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  • An interactive advert on Youtube

    Using Youtube as a platform to interactive with your customer base is not a brand new concept. Old Spice had it done well. It helped Old Spice to capture the market share in United States. Watch the case video below. Tipp-Ex decides to kick it up a notch. Somehow, it convinced Youtube to turn its…

  • [AoTW] Sylvie GuillemBolero

    [AoTW] Sylvie GuillemBolero

    I have come to like this interpretation of the dance routine by Sylvie Guillem. It is popularised by the Japanese movie, Dance Subaru (IMDB link). In it, the lead, Subaru (Meisa Kuroki) adapted this dance routine as a mean to earn money for her ballet classes. The video of Sylvie Guillem dancing comes in two…

  • [AoTW] AHMIR

    [AoTW] AHMIR

    This post is long overdue. So is this group of singers. SORRY!!! Anyway, the following cover of The Climb by Miley Cyrus is an online collaboration between AHMIR and David Sides, a talented pianist residing on Youtube. Enjoy! And oh, please visit their website too! It seems that they have released an album!