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  • “I can read Wikipedia”

    “I can read Wikipedia”

    I was alert to @litford’s tweet on a search term that was catching on. Curiously, I tried the search term “I can read Wikipedia” out (on both Google.com and Google.com.sg). I did not click I’m Feeling Lucky. I’m Feeling Lucky loads the first link of the search. Instead, I run the search. Guess what I…

  • Expected outage

    WordPress 3.0 is out! That  means I have to upgrade my blog engine. In fact, it is begging for me to upgrade now.  I have set up, somehow, two domains for this blog. It will take time and effort to undo it and redo it. So do expect outage that lasts for a day…

  • Exercising in School

    Cherlynn shared something on Plurk, which I think validly applies to everyone at some point(s) in life: 😆 😆 😆