Tag: Technology

  • New Laptop

    I just bought a new laptop. It is Acer Aspire 4740G. It will be used for my uni education. Right now it is under configuration. I decided not to buy from the school as the price and specifications of the laptops at the IT Show 2010 is much better than what the school is offering.…

  • Geek plan

    A LCD monitor Wireless keyboard + mouse Bonus: A mini desktop or a docking station Bonus: A print server Whatever needed accessories for the laptop Blackberry. Wonders if SMU allows pushing of email to BB. hmm.. What else did I miss out?

  • NAS over the Net

    I managed to set up my home’s NAS over the Internet. YES! OK, anyway, I have to redo it because I took a shortcut. Things to do: Install Optware Install Nano Install a web server Install Access Book Install OpenVPN (better not. LOL. There is not a need for this yet) Install mySQL Install Print…