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  • SMU Convocation 2013: After thoughts

    SMU Convocation 2013: After thoughts

    It is now 2.38 AM, 17 August 2013. 4.5 hours after the end of Convocation 2013 and the start of a brand new day. I wonder if it is the Panadol dosage I had given myself at the start of the day and the middle of day, 4 pills in all; 2000mg worth of paracetamol, […]

  • As we usher in 2013…

    As we usher in 2013…

    Let me look back at 2012. 2012 had been a hectic year, as was with 2011. As usual, I overloaded myself with modules, assignments and side projects. As usual, my 2012 New Year resolutions were not kept. I did not lose weight. My grades were maintained than improved. What was different between 2011 and 2012 are […]

  • Reflections from Technology and World Change

    This is entry that is for my journal entry at the class forum. By no means that it is plagiarised. I do not like the length of the entry though. 🙁 Term 3A, Technology and World Change. The first module of my tertiary education in SMU. Like all firsts, it has left me deep impressions […]