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  • Movie: Wandering Earth

    Movie: Wandering Earth

    Wandering Earth is a Chinese sci-fi epic movie released in 2019. I finally watched it on Netflix. The movie is based on a novella of the same title. It tells a story of a time when the Sun for some reason has speed up its aging process. It rapidly turns into a giant red star […]

  • Robin Hood: Men in Tights

    This movie was released in 1993. I was watching it just now and it provides a lot of comic relief. I recommend anyone who wants to chill to watch this movie. (The *ahem*torrent*ahem* is very much alive, by the way.) P.S. I have yet to decide to use my free GV voucher on either Harry […]

  • Movie: Update for Subaru

    In a previous post, I wrote that there is no release date for the movie in Singapore. I recently found out that it is wrong. I was curious to find out whether there will be a DVD release for the movie. Then I came across the imdb entry on the movie. Under the release date […]