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  • [AotW] Metro Vocal Group

    [AotW] Metro Vocal Group

    Metro Vocal Group is an established a cappella group who originally hails from USA. However, after 5 years of performing in Japan and Hong Kong, they decided to make Hong Kong their base. It is no surprise that they are able to sing Cantonese songs. However, it is surprising indeed to hear a great song […]

  • Paper Furniture

    I just watched an episode of All About Paper, an infotainment show which re-ran on Channel News Asia. Surprisingly, even a 2008 show can be refreshing! It showcased on how paper can be a material used for functional home furnishing. The episode featured three products made from paper. They are Honey Comb Lamp (pictured), FlexibleLove […]

  • Shodoku: Street of Japan – Hereen Outlet

    I managed to eat at Shodoku: Street of Japan outlet at Hereen 3 days back. My superior treated me to lunch there, otherwise I would not be going there. It took over Marche premises and adopted the same concept of having a central ordering area. The concept does not work as well as Marche, in […]