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  • Illustrated by clauds: How to have a baby.

    Thanks Hui Shan for the illustration on #sgtweet night. Text by Darryl. This is a sperm.   This is a sperm who found the egg.   This is what happens 9 months later.

  • Baking cookies

    Ah! Ghost! OK, just kidding. This is me looking at the oven, waiting for the cookies to be baked nicely. Taken with shaky hands of Hui Shan. The poisoned cookies were offered to some participants of the Social Media Breakfast 6. We met at Ang Mo Kio Hub at about 1PM. It was an hour…

  • Rant: Time, I lack of it.

    I am seriously lack of time. My priorities were and still are never right. I take time out to blog, Facebook, read manga, and watch youtube while I still have stacks of work that need to be done. I head out with my social circle while I am supposed to be at home or in…