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  • Sinful weekend

    Despite of going to East Coast Park for another 2-hour long non-stop cycling, I think I have put on weight instead of losing them again. Saturday – Cousin’s 21st birthday. Burp! Cycling from the Kite Runners to halfway point of the Changi Coast Park Connector and back (app. 20KM again). Sunday – My dad bought […]

  • Food – 新天地

    For the past few week ends, I have been to this cafe for dinner cum supper with my family and cousins. It is off Balestier Road in a shophouse. The food they serve is rather nice and tasty. The decor is unique, given the fact that the walls are decorated with the owner’s son’s art […]

  • Carnival: YJC CVD 2009 – Afterthoughts

    I went back to YJC at 1pm. I was lazy to walked to school, so I took a bus there instead. I do have a concession to utilise. I met Wen Song at General Office, then Jeremy and Took Yao (did I spell correctly). I then realised that it will be a day of reunion. […]