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  • [Youtube] 天黑黑

    天黑黑是一首家喻户晓的歌。我第一次听这首歌的时候是中一,中二的时候吧。那时,颜永成学校合唱团为了比赛而学习。 孙燕子借用了一些词而唱了她的天黑黑。 周一,thinkfamily.sg发出了一份关于孝道的短片。在这短片里,这首歌被用来作为一个桥梁,进入了父亲和奶奶的回忆。对许多人来说,这无疑带来了很多的感情。请慢慢观赏。 P.S. My grasp of Chinese is rudimentary. So please, if you find any mistakes, leave a comment. I have tried to use Google Translate as minimally as possible since the translation is not always not accurate.

  • Outcome from reunion dinner

    Reunion dinner is a battle of stomachs. Annnndddd here is the outcome: Me and my lil’ cute cousin.

  • Run

    My sister wanted to run for the past week. Unfortunately, she could not wake up for the morning runs. Later there will be another scheduled run (in about an hour’s time). Let’s see whether she will wake up. Hehe. And oh, I am used to running under fatigue. I have not have my sleep yet.…