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  • [Facebook Video] ORD Song to Taylor Swift’s Love Story

    It is here! Not really. I still have 10 more days to ORD. Back to the topic, there is this guy who uploaded a video on Facebook singing about his joy of ORD-ing and getting his pink IC back. His singing is off, but it is just amusing. Enjoy. Oh, by the way, if the…

  • Robertism? Nah. It is Schadenfreude!

    Often when the name Hitler is mentioned, World War II comes to mind. When Ris Low is mentioned, Miss World Singapore2009 comes to mind. OK, not the event but the words like Boomz and Shingz come to mind. (By the way, Riz Low has a spread on this month’s FHM issue. Read it if you…

  • [Youtube] Time to Say Goodbye – Fountain Act

    Dubai has this mega fountain setup that goes with the song, Time to Say Goodbye by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli. Enjoy the sight. P.S. You may want to view it in HD and fullscreen. Yes, it is that good (I seldom open Youtube/Facebook videos in HD and in fullscreen).