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  • [Updated] Unofficial guide to SMU Email Server

    [Updated] Unofficial guide to SMU Email Server

    Technology refuses to cease to amaze us. Below is an updated guide to configuring your devices to the email server. The previous version may still be relevant but is not maintained. Notes: This guide is used as it is. There are parts of the guide I have yet to test out, however have been found […]

  • Email virus

    A friend of mine got hit by a virus and it blasted an email (titled: d超猛的情書c) to everyone, hoping that someone else’s computer would get infected by it too. Virus part was not funny, however the message was kinda mushy: 親愛的Honey: 我對妳1見鍾情 絕無2心 想照顧妳3輩子 因為我偷偷上妳的網站4次 妳那迷人的5官 總讓我6神無主 一顆心7上8下 許9不能平息 如果我的滿分是10分 妳一定不止11分 起碼也該有12分 只可惜我討厭13這個數字 不然妳一定有14分 如果再加上妳的聰明那又不止15分 16分妳一定還嫌少 所以我給了妳17分 我今年18歲 再過幾天就19歲 也就是我還未滿20歲 今年大概會二一唄 所以得交22萬的學費 其實我的智商是阿甘的23倍 只是我24小時都在睡 我猜妳今年未滿25歲 26我也無所謂 27跟我還是很配 28也不過才大我10歲 29的女人據說最美 30我會考慮考慮唄 31我應該沒這麼衰 32我會開始反胃 33我寧願自己一個人睡 34敢釣我18歲?? 我娘也才35歲~~ 但我還是想送妳36朵玫瑰 但摸摸口袋我只剩37塊 […]

  • Online appeal: Calling for blood platelets donations

    I have received a comment from a Peiwen, the originator of the email. She requested to have this post removed. However, I will just edit out the names and the location of the patient. I have received emails from different sources on a cancer patient needing blood platelets donations for his fight against cancer. Dear […]