Tag: Electronic engineering

  • Of EZ-Link Phone

    bunny has posted something on extracting the RFID chip from EZ-Link card and grafting it onto his phone. I wonder if we can do it with just acetone to cut the time spent on soldering (besides, I do not have the soldering equipment, nor have the replacement RFID antenna). Link: RFID Transplantation

  • Prank call

    OK, who the heck pranked call me this late at night at this number: +65-62575310. I do have caller ID on my mobile. And no, I won’t be taking down the number unless the person who did it fess up. And oh, if the prank caller wanted to wake me up from my sleep, it…

  • Geek plan

    A LCD monitor Wireless keyboard + mouse Bonus: A mini desktop or a docking station Bonus: A print server Whatever needed accessories for the laptop Blackberry. Wonders if SMU allows pushing of email to BB. hmm.. What else did I miss out?