Tag: Artiste(s) of The Week

  • [AoTW] MiChi

    [AoTW] MiChi

    I was listening to Maerong Radio and this rare singer came up. Why rare? Cuz the radio is currently on to the Korean craze. Not that I am complaining though, however good songs must be shared. 🙂 MiChi is of British-Japanese decent. She has lived a fair bit in both countries and that explains her…

  • [AotW] Metro Vocal Group

    [AotW] Metro Vocal Group

    Metro Vocal Group is an established a cappella group who originally hails from USA. However, after 5 years of performing in Japan and Hong Kong, they decided to make Hong Kong their base. It is no surprise that they are able to sing Cantonese songs. However, it is surprising indeed to hear a great song…

  • [AoTW] Sylvie GuillemBolero

    [AoTW] Sylvie GuillemBolero

    I have come to like this interpretation of the dance routine by Sylvie Guillem. It is popularised by the Japanese movie, Dance Subaru (IMDB link). In it, the lead, Subaru (Meisa Kuroki) adapted this dance routine as a mean to earn money for her ballet classes. The video of Sylvie Guillem dancing comes in two…