Lorraine Tan’s My Singapore 2014 Concert

This week seems to be the week of performances. For three consecutive days, I sat through three different performances.

On Tuesday, 16th August, I was given complimentary tickets to watch Lorraine Tan’s My Singapore 2014 Concert. Lorrainne has been doing My Singapore since 2011. It features primarily Lorraine and invited guests, who would perform Singapore related items. Lorraine would produce an original theme song and music video in celebration of National Day.

And every year, there will be a beneficiary. This year, it is the President Challenge 2014, which supports 64 different beneficiaries. President Tony Tan was the Guest of Honour for the concert.

It was nice listening to the old xinyao pieces, especially when guest stars like 潘盈 (Pan Ying) came up.

On the side note, sitting beside the console booth, especially for me, was pretty much distracting. I was going “Oh~ Gadgets!” in my mind. Haha.

Photos from My Singapore 2014 Concert | Facebook