Taken on 18 August 2014 on Marina Barrage. The setting sun is peaking through the clouds over Marina Bay Sands.

Sights and thoughts from cycling from home to work and back

I started work the week after I had my graduation ceremony and my bone marrow donation procedure. During the two weeks after work started, I could not do what I wanted to do: Cycling to work. I could not sit still anymore after two weeks and bought a road bike on one Saturday.

New bicycle! Bought and immediately parked it at HackerspaceSG.
New bicycle! Bought and immediately parked it at HackerspaceSG.

The path to work is reasonable for a cyclist, through Kallang Riverside Park, passes through Marina Bay Sands’ waterfront promenade, Marina Bay Financial Centre and then the office at Asia Square.

I deliberately avoid the roads as much as possible. My elder brother, who works in a hospital, said that he had seen many cases of cyclists being sent to A&E after being knocked down by fast moving vehicles, only to lose their lives there despite the best efforts.

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I went cycling on the roads once before with SMUX Biking Team. Though that was on a weekend and in a group, the dangers are real. Despite numerous trials and calls for safer roads, Singapore is still not bicycle friendly.

The path back to home is more scenic. The path I took has Marina Barrage and the new National Stadium up close.

Though longer, it is pretty much rewarding with surprising shots below:

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Cycling at night makes me realise that I need more accessories. Currently, my bicycle is equipped only with a small white LED light. I will have to get red lights for the back and a higher powered white light to illuminate the dim path in the park.

Nonetheless, there are positive benefits from cycling which has impacted on me thus far. I lost whatever weight I gained from eating at Google. My sleeping pattern is more regulated and normalised. I get tired early now. With my body and mind shutting down at around 10pm now, it pushes my bed time from 2am to 11pm or before. I wake up early as well, easily at about 6am if I didn’t had late nights. My skin condition is better now too, with lesser blackheads and pimples.

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