Taking over the reigns of WPUG.SG

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It seems that I am taking over the reigns of WPUG.SG, the Singapore WordPress User Group. WPUG.SG aims to be a community of WordPress publishers and developers who congregate to share and learn WordPress related ideas, stories and projects.

After the last (and only) WordCamp and a few meet-ups after that in 2011, the organising efforts of meetups died out as the founding members drifted away into increasing work and studies responsibilities, me as well.

The spark for a renewed WPUG.SG came after Michael Cheng of PHP User Group Singapore was approached to see if he could help in hosting Matt Mullenweg when he was here in Singapore in June 2014, which was successful.

Security Check Required | Facebook

After much inertia and delays, the first meetup will be on 10th September 2014. Topics that are confirmed include security on WordPress and hosting WordPress on HHVM.

WordPress Meetup September 2014 | Facebook

Hopefully, this momentum will carry on as I seek to renew the community. Cross my fingers.

That being said, if anyone is willing to step up and assist or contribute in any manner, do contact me through here. We are looking for potential speakers and topics to cover.

Robert has just graduated from Singapore Management University, School of Information Systems. He studied Analytics as his second major. To keep himself occupied in his free time, he takes up projects that interest him.

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