Happy Programmers’ Day

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So. Apparently today is Programmers’ Day. And my non-programmer friend, Jolyn from work highlighted it to me. According to Wikipedia, it is celebrated as a professional holiday in Russia (what?!), and in some firms and technologies worldwide. It is always held on the 256th day of the calendar year.

And so my non-programmer friend shared a few cocktail recipes that has some semblance to some programming languages. Not surprisingly, it is available on Github, published by MIT and titled Cocktails for Programmers.

Excuse me while I try to snake my way out for this one holiday and secure the ingredients. I think I will take an Epic Fail, looking at the progress I am building a Gruntfile.js from scratch.

Happy Programmers’ Day! Cheers!

Update: Epic fail indeed.

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 4.37.20 PM

Robert has just graduated from Singapore Management University, School of Information Systems. He studied Analytics as his second major. To keep himself occupied in his free time, he takes up projects that interest him.

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