30 Minutes Photoshop: Ninja Coder

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Ninja Coder

Came up with this when some unknown friend(s) were trigger-happy jacking another friend (M) ‘s Facebook account. In a status, we marvelled M’s mad skill of coding while walking. One commented about having a coding competition in an obstacle course. In my mind, I referenced it to Ninja Warriors. And thus this image was born in 30 minutes.

Note: Both ninja head and laptop are found online. The rest? Gradient, typography and brushes.

This is a repost from my Quora board: Photoshop in 30 minutes. Join me on Quora!

Robert has just graduated from Singapore Management University, School of Information Systems. He studied Analytics as his second major. To keep himself occupied in his free time, he takes up projects that interest him.

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  • This is a delightful post! I just discovered you on Quora, expressing your disappointment in the comments over the lack of appalling images in a (mildly) insipid "how to avoid shocking people with appalling images" post. I up voted, with enthusiasm, then tracked you, courtesy of your breadcrumbs.
    Nice website. I am lol-ing again as I glance up and read the related post: "Quora: Where can I rent a Despicable Me Minion mascot costume in Malaysia?" It has such a non-sequitor ambience!

    Here's something for you to enjoy in return. After all, you brought amusement and good cheer to me, so it is only fair to share. I was looking at a new Thomson-Reuters scholarly journal product (they are cornering the market, although they seem to have a problem with starting things and not quite getting them out of beta… ever, at least with certain projects). Anyway, I found the following whimsical URL while perusing their World Journal of Surgery site (manuscript submissions) which I hope you'll like. HASHCODE=SANITY_CHECK is the highlight ;o)
    hxxps://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/wjs?NEXT_PAGE=FORMS_AND_INSTRUCTIONS&CURRENT_ROLE_ID=1&CURRENT_USER_ID=0&DOCUMENT_HASHCODE=&SANITY_CHECK_DOCUMENT_ID=&CONFIG_ID=872&PAGE_NAME=LOGIN Also, there was an intriguing photograph which I hope will be allowed… you have video embedding enabled in Intense Debate, so I'll hope for the best with a jpg. The title is Hand On. It was from a medical diagnostic imagery demonstration. I hope the image's URL is preserved (unlike Quora, which just eats them whole… or converts to some image hosted cloud thing?) http://breast-surg-intl.org/wp-content/uploads/20
    My recent post The problem with randomness

  • I am making changes to my site amidst my busy schedule and thus only can reply now. 😀


    And yes, the image link is eaten… 😮

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