New Year Resolutions

I know that this post is rather late. In fact, it is 35 days late. But who cares? Cause I have sorted out what I want to do for the year, or roughly I guess…

First, starting off from where I am now…

Currently, I have insanely huge amount of commitments. Yes, my bad habit is starting to appear again. I guess I would resign to it, unless I seek professional help over this.

Commitment Forecast – 2012

Jan – Apr
(Semester 2, Academic Year 2011)
Studies: 5.5CUsCCAs: Chamber Choir (inactive), Recreational Tennis, Ventures, SAAT (Personal Development and Events Director)

Work: OSL (under the Work Study Grant)


May – Jul
(Summer break)
Work: Internship, and remaining work left at OSLExternal:
Aug – Dec
(Semester 1, Academic Year 2012)
Studies: ~3.5CUs + ACCA (2-3 papers)CCAs: As listed, pending changes.


That been said, I probably would have to set a modest target point to reach. Otherwise, I would be killing myself needlessly over this.

Targets to meet in 2012

Studies Improve GPA by one grade point (Yes, I am that close)
Work Produce satisfactory results and work
Others Get an internshipGet an exchange offer

A photo a day album

Regular updates on this blog

P.S. Some of the posts will be backdated. So if the posts appears out of nowhere. Don’t be surprised. 🙂

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