2 more days to voting…

And I have yet to make up my mind as to who to vote despite the numerous posts, links and notes I have shared among my friends on Facebook. To be frank, I do not see why I should not vote the incumbent party in my GRC in. But at the same time, I do not see the need not to vote the opposition as well.

Why? You may ask. Simply:

  1. The MP that my ward had has flown to another GRC. Who is taking over her (Lily Neo)? The new guy, to me, is some unknown stranger. Frankly, she is one of the few PAP MPs I do not mind voting for. In addition, I do not like to have Lui Tuck Yew as a MP of the GRC I am in. Who would, after reading this and this? Undoubtedly, these are “isolated” events and people may call them “one-off”. But people have a way with remembering the bad things that have happened. And oh, he did call all these events “noise“.
  2. The teams fielded by both incumbent and opposition parties are alien to me. Sorry to say that the effort to reach out to me, or rather to my block was rather lacking. Thus far, I only saw the opposition party came visiting my block. Then again, I might be out when the incumbent came.

In any case, I probably will decide who to cast my vote for only on that day itself.

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