Platonic Love

Beside every woman, there is a platonic friend.
You can call it love, or you can just call it a liking, but for what reasons they just can’t be together as one?

Maybe it is because he cherish the friendship too much, too much to consider the notion of chasing after her.
Maybe  it is because of others’ opinions of them being together, they are apart.
Maybe he will be working overseas for a long time, and he doesn’t want her to wait for him.
Maybe they got to know each other too early, to the point they don’t know how to cherish each other.
Maybe they got to know each other too late, when either of them already has a partner.
Maybe when he has realised too late, past the point of no return.
Maybe they have touched each other’s emotions, but yet unable to cross the  line.

Even though they are not together, still they keep in contact with each other as friends.
Even though in their hearts, they know for this person,  that there is a space for each other.

Even though they aren’t able to walk on the streets while holding hands intimately, they still can be friends who has no secrets between them.

When he likes someone, she will offer help even if there is reluctance in the heart.

When she meets difficulties, he will do his best to solve it without another reserve.

When his partner becomes jealous, she would reassuringly tell them “We are just friends.” while in the heart, there is a lingering doubt about it.

In everyone’s lifetime, there is always such a special friend, such a hesitant behaviour.

At the beginning, you are not satisfied with just being friends. However as time passes, you suddenly finds that being like this is enough. You will prefer caring for him this way, rather than living the thought of breaking up one day.

You willingly becomes his friend, never becoming jealous of each other, and yet spare no secrets between each other.

Even in this situation, you know that he will forever care about you.

What is it bad by being not a couple but just a special? In your heart, do you have this special friend?

Who is it?

There are many reasons, many explanations, as to why friendships cannot exist. More often than not, these friendships were strong before.

When the other party confesses his love to you and you do not give a response, this friendship will be hard to maintain. Maybe this is why some do not want to cross this line.
Just like a bet, when a confession fails and a relationship does not materialise, and even being friends is hard.

There are some stuff you cannot predict. Maybe the other party does not mind and still you still can be friends. But not the same kind of friendship as before.

Will you, like the author penned, not talk?


你們可能相愛過 ,你們也可能喜歡著彼此,但是,為了什麼原因你們沒能在一起?

















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