Twitter Updates for 2009-10-27

Twitter Updates for 2009-10-27

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  • @NiccoleChan Well… Good luck with it! 😀 in reply to NiccoleChan #
  • I lost the ability to watch shows all night long. Looks like it is only 1 episode per day. Haix. The stress is slowly but surely doing me in #
  • 500 ways of summer #oneletteroffmovies #
  • @dk sleep first then eat? in reply to dk #
  • one hour plus of nap later, good morning world. #
  • @mypinkmoo Ah… Should have disturb you then… Lol… in reply to mypinkmoo #
  • @pingpingss boost your iron level days before your blood donation next time? in reply to pingpingss #
  • @pingpingss thumbs up! Not many want to go donate blood. 😀 its the thought that counts. in reply to pingpingss #
  • dancing queen is playing in my head… Wow… Like a broken recorder… #
  • @mkpadnama before you do something silly to yourself, remember you always have family and friends around to support you. in reply to mkpadnama #
  • looking forward to the day when i can break free… Whee.. #fb #
  • @aymarn lol! Haha… I was talking about ord-ing… Hehe… in reply to aymarn #
  • anyone has people who wants to work as Robotics Trainer? Minimum: Diploma in Multimedia, Game Development or Engineering. Friend's hiring. #

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