Twitter Updates for 2009-10-22

Twitter Updates for 2009-10-22

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  • Facebook mobile design has being changed. Yet again… Wonder when is the organisation going to settle on one design… #
  • @iammyy your parents were the ones who woke you up in the past? in reply to iammyy #
  • @stephietan congrats! I envy you. I still got a long way to go… in reply to stephietan #
  • @iammyy Aww… Haha… I am still waiting to go back school… in reply to iammyy #
  • @leyyee Skip school! Hehe. in reply to leyyee #
  • looks down. No rank lapel. Opps. =X #
  • @jonwithlove Any phone to unbox? =D in reply to jonwithlove #
  • the new facebook mobile design looks cleaner. #fb #
  • i see a fellow student on the train! Whee… Via peeping at the notes. :S #
  • nope. Not a fellow student. She was reading another set of notes by the same lecturer. I think its one of my earlier modules that i took. #
  • Bite. Bite. Mozzie bites. Ouch. #
  • red, blue, yellow, green and white. That's what i see on a female passenger's toes. #
  • i am about to reach school. Just in time. #
  • @simontay78 @spam? Report your spam there? in reply to simontay78 #
  • Ooo, hot product! RT @triplez82: Funan windows 7 queue up at challenger. There is more people queuing than shown. #
  • @danielgoh Enjoy your hols! in reply to danielgoh #
  • i insist. Lol. Nevermind. Random-ing. #
  • @nadnut failure is the mother of all success. Try again! You can do it! in reply to nadnut #
  • somehow @snaptu is nt loading the twitter app… #

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