Email virus

Email virus

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Virus attack!
Virus attack!

A friend of mine got hit by a virus and it blasted an email (titled: d超猛的情書c) to everyone, hoping that someone else’s computer would get infected by it too. Virus part was not funny, however the message was kinda mushy:


我對妳1見鍾情 絕無2心 想照顧妳3輩子
妳那迷人的5官 總讓我6神無主 一顆心7上8下 許9不能平息
如果我的滿分是10分 妳一定不止11分 起碼也該有12分
只可惜我討厭13這個數字 不然妳一定有14分
如果再加上妳的聰明那又不止15分 16分妳一定還嫌少 所以我給了妳17分
我今年18歲 再過幾天就19歲 也就是我還未滿20歲
今年大概會二一唄 所以得交22萬的學費
其實我的智商是阿甘的23倍 只是我24小時都在睡
我猜妳今年未滿25歲 26我也無所謂
27跟我還是很配 28也不過才大我10歲
29的女人據說最美 30我會考慮考慮唄 31我應該沒這麼衰
32我會開始反胃 33我寧願自己一個人睡 34敢釣我18歲?? 我娘也才35歲~~
但我還是想送妳36朵玫瑰 但摸摸口袋我只剩37塊
戶頭也只剩38元 因為跟女友分手在39天前 手機每天得打40塊美元
永遠記得41天前 寫下42句愛她的誓言
還有43種我想的永遠 卻只換來44cc真情的眼淚 加上45夜輾轉難眠
老實說我打了46句廢言 其實妳該從47句開始看
但是妳都看到了第48句 只寫49又覺得怪怪的
這時我想起56分鐘前的妳 不知道妳有沒有想起57分鐘後的我
我在這想了58分鐘又59秒 我總共找到60種想妳的念頭
61個愛妳的理由 62句適合我倆的情話 還有63段電影浪漫的邂逅
雖然我也找到妳64個小缺點 但幸好我也找到妳65個優點
尤其是妳的腰只有66cm 這會讓我沉迷67年
與其我愛妳說68遍 還不如我愛妳寫滿69頁
反正我們還有70年 這份工作麻煩讓我拖個71個月
妳的愛慕者一定不止72位 因為我是那第73位
但我要定下妳74年 反正我會付妳時薪75元
就算要追妳追76個月 只要妳能陪我過77情人節
看完我寫下的79句真心話 我猜80%你會願意當我的女朋友
好啦!我加薪加到85 麻煩你陪我到86歲
就算妳皺紋是以前的87倍 我還是願意對妳說88遍我愛妳
我們已經錯過民國89年 90年也只剩不到幾天

I am glad that my grasp of traditional Chinese words is not as good as simplified words. Otherwise, I would have died laughing from the 1st reading.

Jokes aside, the said friend asked me for advice to deal with this. In any common geeky sense:

  1. Change your password regularly. It is the best if the password is totally different from other Internet accounts that you have.
  2. Change your security question and answer regularly. Logic: If hackers/scripts can get to your password, the security feature may also be compromised.
  3. Scan your computer with the latest definition that the anti-virus/spware/adware software has periodically. A virus may reside in the system and snarling unwary users.
  4. Use https functionality for your emails. This email came from a Hotmail account, unlike Gmail, it does not have https functionality for the web version. If you use Hotmail, I recommend using POP3 or SMTP functions that Hotmail has. More information: look here.
  5. Think before you open any attachments in emails, even if they are from your friends.
  6. For the extreme paranoid people, do not use public computers if you do not have a need to check your emails. Some computers may have keyloggers installed in the system. The information captured would then be passed onto other people.
  7. For laptop/mobile devices users: Lock your device with a password when you live the devices out in the open. Without a password, you are giving anyone a free entry into cyberworld from your point of view (that includes your facebook, instant messaging, etc).

The list above is not comprehensive, but it should be sufficient. Happy surfing!

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