Singapore Army Half Marathon

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I did the 21km run in 3 hours 17 minutes and 29 seconds. It doesn’t sound fantastic. But I completed it. I hit the wall at the 14th kilometer. After trying several times to run again, my legs threatened to cramp. No amount of Salonpas, isotonic drinks or even bananas helped. Oh well, I just got to blame myself for just running 6km routes for the already sparse training sessions. Oh, I lost the race chip. The following table is the timings I took while running. The markers are the signboards on the lamp posts that marked the distance.

Distance (km) Timing
2 13’ 10” 55
4 18’ 14” 14
6 18’ 23” 45
8 17’ 06” 53
10 17’ 00” 38
12 23’ 24” 55
14 16’ 23” 33
16 18’ 59” 88
18 21’ 25” 47
20 23’ 22” 04
21 9’ 59” 16
Total 3 17’ 29” 58
Interesting scenes and sights:
  • At about 6km, around the expressway, there are a lot of guys running into the bushes. They went into there to relief themselves.
  • At about 8km, around the entry into East Coast Park, the guys from SCE put up an excellent water point. Not only it is clean, but it is also efficient.
  • At the 12km point, I bumped into Nathaniel, a JC schoolmate. I ended up walking along with him, resulting in lost time. Well, it is a rest time too anyway.
  • At the 14km mark, there was this Caucasian guy who would run alongside with several runners and cheering on the rest. It is unique in Singapore. He did it unconditionally. Only if there is such culture here, we would not have any problems being not motivated. The organising committee had to go to the extent of getting performers to play to us, to support and motivate us along the route.
  • At the 20km point, I noticed that there is a guy limping beside me. Chatted with him. Apparently, he had cramps at his knees before and intended to complete it for an off by his superiors. Cheap thrill. OK, OK. It is a good motivator for some units. We encouraged each other and we managed to hit our respective timings. 😀

I was bashed by the run. So tired that I decided to take a cab back home. I am tired still.

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