Boys Over Flowers

Honestly, I seldom watch romance drama. I prefer martial arts drama where swords flash and clash each other with exaggerated moves. An all too familiar Cinderella story adaptation, Boys Over Flowers is one of the few shows with an exception that I can accept. There is no fancy swords play or elaborate fist fights. But I just cannot pass up the comedic nature; the goofy antics that the characters pulled; and lastly, the hot actresses in the show. A few interesting points about the show are that:

  1. There are two con-current stories within the show. It is quite rare, since there should only be one pair of lead actor and actress. However, as demonstrated by my friend in camp, the supporting actress gets more attention.
    Kim So-eun (김소은) acts as Geum Jan Di’s best friend, Chu Ga Eul in the show. But she is so cute. ^.^
  2. The actress, Jang Ja-yeon (장자연), who played Sunny in the mean girls trio committed suicide due to pressure within the industry. In my opinion, even though she was just a small part of the show, she acted her character with flair. in fact, I was hoping of her having a bigger role in the show. But no. Sigh… Rest in peace.
  3. This is the third TV series that is based on the manga. Taiwan and Japan have filmed their versions. Taiwan’s version propelled the group F4 to fame, but the only significant member I remember is Vannese Wu. I cannot compare the 3 versions as I am watching only one: the Korean version. I am so patronising. Hur hur.

Oh well, back to the show. I got to thank AZNV.TV for the free stream of the show and my friend for providing the show in camp.

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