Hey to the peeps at #bthon

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I woke up especially early at 5am to run from home to Tangs. I wanted to beat the morning crowd at Orchard, otherwise I would have a good run. It took me 32 minutes to run approximately 4km.  Good improvement since I did not run for the entire week. Anyway, I just got back home from Tangs and still sweating. Here are some of the stuff I saw:

  • Blurry eyes
  • @dk dancing
  • @HillaryChan putting on light makeup.
  • Some faces I don’t know. I am disconnected from the online world.

OK, time to shower then I head back to Tangs for window shopping with the 15% off for SAFRA card members, hopefully the family laptop and other gadgets.

Note to self: No more coffee latte from McDonald’s. Too much milk for my liking. I will stick to mocha.

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