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At first applications are limited and hard to make due to the difficulties in understanding the APIs, codings and stuff by the general public. However, recently someone (I call them idiots for reasons to be listed below) created applications that generate other applications with ease. This spews out quizzes like nobody’s business. At first we have quizzes like “Which [insert TV shows’/movies’/story books’] character are you?”. Fine, my feed is cluttered with results from such quizzes. Facebook introduced a ‘hide’ option, but very little can be done as the quizzes are stand-alone applications. Meaning to say, I will have to click the ‘hide’ option on every single quiz result appearing. The same quiz, for some reasons, rarely appear more than 5 times. OK, as time goes by, the quizzes get more specific, ie, “What rank you get in the army?”, “Which vocation you are suitable?”, “What is your Chinese Zodiac?” Fine. And now this:


Granted, this quiz may seem as innocent as other quizzes generated by Facebook users. However, this quiz needs an innate knowledge of the school teachers, in this case, Yishun Junior College, my Alma Mater. The only people I can think of who can pull this off are current and graduated students, teachers, or school administration. Teachers and school administration, I safely assume, can be ruled out. They have guidelines, written or otherwise. I am sure they do not want to lose their jobs and they do not have the time to do such bo liao stuff. Students, on the other hand, like to experiment, test the boundaries and believe they have too much time to spare.

Oh please, if there is too much time, study! Don’t like to study? Then channel into constructive activities. Such quizzes, at the first impression, seem fun to do, but it is a waste of time and effort and redundant. (Former) students do not need to do this quiz to know which teacher(s) are in their heart. The same goes to teachers need not know that students are thinking of them. They are always thinking of their teachers! The only think I can applaud is the use to creativity, wrongly or not, I have no comments.

Facebook quiz generators are just:

  1. Time wasters
  2. Resource hoggers (in terms of computing power, physical and the works)
  3. Redundant
  4. Distractions

Gee, and I am mad that it made me write an entry on this.

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