Quick Bites: 25 Random Things About Me

This is lifted directly off from my Facebook account.

  1. I have more active friends online than offline. All thanks to Plurk.com.
  2. I am struggling to learn guitar at the moment and fail spectacularly.
  3. I am stuck to the computer every moment I am at home.
  4. I still haven’t complete the About page on my blog.
  5. I carry 2 phones with me: 1 for NS, 1 for normal usage. Note: normal include photo taking!
  6. I hate doing guard duty.
  7. My watch is with me for 4 years. Haven’t gotten round changing to another.
  8. I am a water buffalo. I can drink lots of water.
  9. I am stuck on Gundam 00 Season 2.
  10. I read manga all the time.
  11. I studied. (yeah, right)
  12. I visit these sites often: Ikariam, my blog, Facebook, Gmail, Plurk, Animecrazy and One Manga.
  13. I play Mafia Wars at the moment.
  14. I carry a pen with me all the time now. All thanks to NS…
  15. I miss JC life… I want to go back to school…
  16. I keep having the feeling that my brain is dead.
  17. I am using Windows 7 Beta.
  18. I love using my MP3. Especially on public transportation.
  19. My taste of music is way off from my camp mates, or even other friends. Who still listen to classical?
  20. I am having a general interest in this show: ????.
  21. I don’t like attending pop concerts or any concerts in modern day genres. But I try not to pass classical concerts up.
  22. I am having dinner while typing this.
  23. I am going out on an impromptu meet up with some online kakis.
  24. I am fat and proud of it =D
  25. I need to log off now! kthxbai!

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