Do I look like a walking directory?

Do I look like a walking directory?

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Just in the afternoon, while I was walking to the bus stop, there was this Indian who came up to me. He asked, “Where is Beach Road?” I pointed past him, “There.” “Left? Right,” he asked again. “There! Walk straight behind you!,” I gestured again. “Oh, OK. Thank you.” I felt like strangling him.

Then while waiting for Blue8118 at Orchard, a totally pink Indonesian or Filipino maid, who obviously on her off day, came and ask me, “How to go Isetan? I don’t know.” I was already distracted by waiting for Nath, and she came and asked me. “Can bring me there?” Furious, I decided to bring her the back way, which not many people use it. The sadistic satisfaction I gotten, “I scared.” probably calmed my nerves down. She was not suitable for that shade of pink to begin with.

edited with requests from Blue8118 herself. =P

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