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  • USB Powered Air Cooler

    USB Powered Air Cooler

    Due to the recent circuit breaker measures, most of us have to work from home. With the perpetual summer heat that Singapore has, the air-conditioning units at home run almost everyday as we are more used to working in cooler environments (thanks to office life). Then, the air-con died on us. For some unknown reason,…

  • Review: The Internet’s Own Boy

    Review: The Internet’s Own Boy

    Aaron Swartz committed suicide on 11 January 2013 after nearly two years of being under pressure from prosecutors over his frenzy of downloading JSTOR articles in an automated fashion. During his short life of 26 years, Aaron had contributed much to the Internet. He helped to author RSS 1.0 specifications, authored the RFC for RDF+XML…

  • Thumbfu – additive and simple Android game

    Thumbfu – additive and simple Android game

    Wyemun does it again. Over the weekend, he coded out a new game called Thumbfu for Android platform. The premise is simple: use your thumbs and tap on the screen to prevent the dark ninjas from touching you. Once the rage bar fills up, consecutive thumb attacks can be launched on the next unsuspecting dark…